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Super tenor with a 17" scale.
Can be made from many different materials.

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Series 45 Guitars

Series 45 guitars are a batch of four guitars celebrating 45 years of stringed instrument making. These guitars were completed in 2015.

The woods on these guitars are full of unique character and sets that I have been collecting for several decades.

Spruce tops with bear claw patterns or amazing amounts of cross silk, cedar tops with rippling flame patterns.

Brazilian rosewood with spider web grain or other very rare patterns and colors. All the woods have exceptional tonal qualities.

The tuners are either Rodgers or Graf engraved with the traditional Esteso design.

Each one of these guitars will be unique and one of a kind, to be treasured for many years to come.

Gallery of Wood for Sale

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D'Aquisto Nylon Jazz Guitar

Copy of the 1982 d'Aquisto nylon string jazz guitar. Top is German spruce, back and sides European flamed maple, radiused ebony fingerboard, neck width at nut is 1 3/4". Crisp clean sound with plenty of sustain.

D'Aquisto Nylon Jazz Guitar

The 'Premier Edition' is the latest advancement to my guitar design. These guitars are sounding even bigger and stronger than before. In these guitars I have lined not only the sides but the back as well. The grain direction is the same for both layers so it is not a plywood. You may think the wood on the outside doesn't matter any longer but that would be untrue. The outer wood still sounds like normal but with some color changes to the over all tone depending on what wood is used to line the inside of the back. I have tried three different woods to line the back, Redwood, Cypress, and Brazilian Rosewood. All three sounded superb but each had it's own color pallet.

Premier Edition

In this photo the back and sides are lined with Spanish Cypress.

Nylon String Harp Guitar

Jumbo Baritone Steel-String

Sound Ports


Crossover Jazz- Left-handed, 7-string, Cutaway with sound port

Players - Click to Enlarge

Jean-Fran¨ois Desrosby plays 3rd mvt. of the Sonatina by F.M.Torroba.

Duo Miric plays guitars by Dake Traphagen.

Welson Tremura & the AHN Trio

Two Traphagen guitars on stage

Michael Andriaccio performing the world premiere recording of "Goyescana", concerto for guitar and orchestra with the London Symphony Orchestra in London's legendary Abbey Road Studios.
Michael Andriaccio playing with the London Symphony
Photo by Henry Faulkner

The Castellani-Andriaccio Duo playing in Beijing, China on Traphagen guitars

ca duo


"I must say it is the single greatest guitar I have ever played." - Brett Floyd

"I recently purchased one of your guitars from Maple Street Guitars in Atlanta. Since then I have come to the conclusion that it is the most prized possession I have ever owned. It has a most wonderful tone, and no guitar that I have seen is more beautiful. You are a great artist, and I am honored to possess one of your guitars." - Ron Anthony

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