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Steel-string Guitars

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Traphagen Guitars

Options for Traphagen Steel-String Guitars

String Lengths
Custom string lengths can be ordered but my standard range from 24.5" - 27.5"
String Spacings
Almost any string spacing can be customized to fit a player's hand, as can the neck's shape, width, and thickness.
Body Size
Refer to photos or dimensions for each model. Custom shapes and sizes can be ordered to suit any players needs.
Double tops

Double tops or sometimes called sandwich tops have been used for almost twenty years now. The design is a combination of strategically placed solid wood combined with a honeycomb material called Nomex, sandwiched between two thin layers/tops of wood. This design makes the overall completed top much lighter weight thus allowing it to vibrate more easily. This in turn means the player can use less energy to achieve the same volume as a solid top design.
Multi String Guitars
Both seven or eight string guitars are available with either standard dimensions or special requirements. Almost all multi-stringed players want a different string spacing. Your needs can be accommodated.
Either Polyester or hand applied varnish can be specified.
Various models can be selected at current market price. My standard choices are Gotoh, Grover, Waverly, Graf, Rodgers.
All rosettes are custom made in a modern style. The materials and style may vary from year to year depending on my inspiration.
Custom inlays can be designed and installed to suit the players taste. Prices will vary depending on the amount of inlay and co