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Finding My Guitars

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Finding a Traphagen guitar to try out may be easier than you think. I have many guitars all over the country being played by teachers and their students. Ask your teacher or guitar society members if they know of a Traphagen guitar nearby. If you cannot find one where you live, there are several stores who usually have one or more of my guitars in stock. I will list the stores and their phone numbers at the end of this section.

The other possibility is to contact me directly. I often have at least one guitar in the shop that is available to try out. I can ship the guitar to you for a 48 hour trial period, anywhere in the continental U.S. You simply send me the payment in full, then I can ship the guitar to you for the trial period. I will hold your payment until I hear from you. If you like the instrument I will then deposit your check or debit your credit card for the full amount. If you decide to return it, you pay the return shipping and I will refund all of your deposit. Shipping is done through UPS or Federal Express second day air, and you must fully insure the guitar. Use the same large box it arrived in.

You can also come visit me at my shop and try out the guitars there. This gives you the opportunity to look at some wood and choose your own sets for a personalized guitar.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about these arrangements.

Below are a list of stores that usually have my guitars in stock. If they don't have one at the moment, I'm sure I will be sending them one soon.

The Guitar Salon
New York City

Maple Street Guitars
Formerly Atlanta Guitar Center

Dream Guitars - www.dreamguitars.com

Luthiers Collection - www.luthierscollection.com

Trilogy Guitars - www.trilogyguitars.com

The Rosewood Guitar
Seattle, WA

Savage Classical guitars - www.savageclassical.com

Guitar Gallery Nashville, TN - www.guitargal.com

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